YGG Community Roundup - September 2021

A recap of our biggest achievements and most exciting announcements in September 2021.

September was a packed month for YGG. We held two tournaments and distributed over USD $180,000 in REVV, AXS and YGG of prizes to participants!

We also had multiple AMAs with top play-to-earn games, and so much more.


Due to technical difficulties, the YGG Open was postponed to September 3 - 4 but that didn’t stop the top competitive players from Axie Infinity from putting on an amazing show.

Out of 64 teams, @Happy_FLU @aacatan @happysizeaxiegg of Happy Academy emerged victorious.

YGG can’t wait to bring our community more tournaments in the near future, so if you didn't qualify for this YGG Open, keep an eye out for the next one!

Axie infinity

The first official YGG Axie Infinity Bootcamp premiered on September 20th featuring special guest @WhatAShameYGG. The bootcamp streams every Monday and Wednesday at 9PM SGT,  welcoming a different guest each time. For those who are just starting, it’s the best place to learn new tips and tricks from experienced players.

A big thank you to our frens who have joined us on the show previously: @bergadosteph, @AC.FeelsGood and @Syl.


Sandbox held its first-ever multiplayer experience and YGG members got a bunch of spots in this alpha. If you missed the event, click the link below to see their previous videos.

REVV Racing

REVV Racing and YGG launched the YGG Cup racing tournament. It began on September 10th and ran for six days.

There were YGG tokens distributed to 1,000 winners as well as a USD $150,000 prize pool. The top three winners also received a REVV Motorsport NFT trophy.

For those who played once per day for all six days of the event received an exclusive commemorative REVV Aspire NFT, usable in-game!


OKEx kicked off September's AMA series. On September 7th their CEO Lennix Lai hosted the AMA where he and Gabby chatted and answered questions from the community.

Then, on September 10th, Head Of Community & UX designer Jean-Paul Faraj from the amazing sci-fi MMORPG Influence joined us in the YGG Discord to talk about what they are building.

Then, on September 17th, we welcomed Seascape Network into YGG’s Discord. Bringing finance and gaming into players’ hands without the complex barriers is their goal, so it was a hugely valuable discussion for the community.

Closing September’s AMA series was Alethea AI whose motto is “Bringing NFTs to Life.” Arif Khan, CEO, and founder of Alethea AI, gave our community amazing insight into what exactly his team is building in the Metaverse.

Articles about YGG

YGG continues to attract media attention, not just in crypto media, but mainstream outlets too. A huge highlight last month was an essay in the Harvard Business Review authored by YGG Advisor and founder of Atelier Ventures, Li Jin, explaining how platforms have rewritten the contract between workers and companies. 

Interviews With Founders

YGG founders Gabby and Beryl were in New York City among other leaders in the crypto and gaming industry. They gave many insightful discussions on the future of NFTs, play-to-earn, and gaming. See links to some of them below.


YGG had many more huge partnerships in September. KuCoin and Binance are two of the largest crypto exchanges in the market and having the YGG token listed for trading on them will give many more people access to the token. 

YGG has also been able to open new liquidity pools and vaults thanks to our partners. Ondo Finance released two vaults, one locked APY and one single-staking vault with variable APY. The DeFi lending market C.R.E.A.M. Finance also opened a new YGG single staking pool.

B21 released a special NFT airdrop to those who owned a YGG Founders token. This NFT can be used to claim a special B21 crypto credit card. See the B21 article for instructions on how to claim it. 

Community and Charity

Congratulations to VMiguel, who had the highest leaderboard finish. He is a Facebook streamer and scholar from Axie University. 

YGG Team - New Additions 

YGG is proud to welcome our new Philippines Country Manager, Luis Buenaventura. He is very familiar with the play-to-earn and Axie community. Luis has a strong background in crypto as a co-founder at BloomX, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange. He's also one of the world's first NFT artists (CurioCards, 2017) and is the first Filipino NFT artist to have work auctioned at Christie's.

“YGG’s goals here in the Philippines are not just to provide more scholarships but also to enrich our community with information, education, and more income opportunities. We’re going to make our initiatives available not just to Tagalog speakers, but also Bisaya, Ilocano, and Hiligaynon, because we believe that these regions are poised for major economic growth, and we want to help jumpstart that growth wherever we can.”

He is very excited to join YGG. To learn more about Luis, read his article below.

YGG continues to help onboard more new people to the Metaverse so that we all can share in the upside of this new digital nation being created by people like yourself!

Thank you for reading and see you next month.

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