In this panel discussion, YGG co-founder Beryl Li speaks with other Web3 pioneers working in emerging markets about where the gaming guilds space is going.
In this panel discussion, YGG co-founder Beryl Li joins other founders from Southeast Asia to speak about the upsides of being in a bear mark
In this episode, YGG co-founder Beryl Li explains how learn-to-earn projects are incentivized.
In this episode, YGG Philippines country manager Luis Buenaventura speaks with other crypto experts who have worked in the Philippines about digital…
In this panel, Colin Goltra, Global COO of YGG, talks about interoperability and other opportunities for Web3 games in the coming years.
In this podcast episode, YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon discusses how Web3 games are developed compared to Web2 games.
In this Twitter Spaces event, YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon shares some insights on the future of esports in Web3 and YGG.
In this Twitter Space, Kazuo, Polaris, Sarutobi Sasuke, John Sedano, Jeff Holmberg and Ian Estrada discuss NFT and Web3 projects with their developers.
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