YGG Community Roundup - October 2021

A recap of our biggest achievements and most exciting announcements in October 2021.

October was an exciting month that also marked the launch of our long-awaited community airdrop! YGG distributed a total 1.25M YGG tokens to over 5,000 community members, with a twist on the usual style of airdrop.

Read on to see all the amazing updates from October!


The airdrop was a huge success, with a total of 1.25M YGG tokens (US$7.5M) distributed to over 5,000 community members!

We came up with a list of certain criteria to reward our earliest supporters. If you haven’t claimed yours yet, check out the link below for instructions and more information. 

YGG Asset & Treasury Report #2

For the month of September, YGG added new gaming partnerships and investments to its ever-expanding portfolio of NFT assets that the YGG community can use.


-YGG staked all of its $AXS, which comes to a total of US$16.45M from the treasury.

-The YGG token got listed on Binance.

-YGG acquired US$381,000 from NFT royalties based on the resale of the YGG Founders’ Coin.

September’s treasury report was released in October with updated information on treasury management, which includes SAFTs and NFT assets. Please see the whole article for a full breakdown:

Axie Infinity

On October 31st, Yield Guild Games premiered its Managers Cup. The event was sponsored by Axie Infinity and supported by Axie Alerts PH.

The cup will include 16 different guilds from all around the world, competing in a single-elimination tournament. The event will last for a total of six months, ending with match 15. There will be a stream every Sunday at 10 p.m. SGT live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Gentle Hands orphanage and provide financial assistance to 140 children and 45 staff members who tested positive for COVID-19. The winner of the cup will be awarded the official YGG Managers Cup Season 1 NFT. 

For more information on the event or on how to donate, check out the articles below:

The Sandbox

The Sandbox held its first-ever Alpha dance-off, which took place on October 4th. 10,000 $SAND was given away during the YGG Badge-exclusive event. It went live on Discord, YouTube, and Twitch.

Star Atlas

YGG committed to a US$1 million purchase of Star Atlas game assets recently. These assets include Calico Guardian, Opal Jetjet, and Pearce X4 spaceships.

Star Atlas is a space-based, science-fiction MMORPG with immersive, photo-realistic graphics. Guild members will be able to use these assets, the ships, to create yield from in-game activities after it launches. 


Ondo Finance kicked off October's AMAs followed by Visionrare, CyBall, Binance India, and OP Games. Full videos of most of the AMAs are linked below.

-(Oct 1)- Ondo Finance with CEO Nathan Allman and CTO Pinku Surana.

-(Oct 8)- Visionrare with CEO Jacob Claerhout and CTO Boris Gordts, who talked about their recently launched fantasy start-up investment game. 

-(Oct 15)- CyBall with co-founder, Tin Tran, and head of marketing, Kathryn Tan.

-(Oct 22)- Binance India

-(Oct 29)- OP Games with CEO Chase Freo and CTO Paul Gadi.

Interviews with Founders

This month, co-founder Gabby had interviews with Naavik, B21, Proof, and others to discuss topics such as the future of play-to-earn, the value of blockchain gaming, and much more. Be sure to check them out below to hear or read each full discussion:


Throughout October, YGG has continued to gain more partnerships with leading play-to-earn games, fellow guilds and more. Learn more about each of them here:


The Axie Bootcamp has continued to stream throughout the month of October every Monday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. SGT. To learn some tips and tricks on the best way to play Axie, continue to check out the Bootcamp:

The YGG Discord also received some upgrades. You can now connect your Ethereum wallet to the YGG Discord and gain access to exclusive channels based on your wallet holdings. This is an exciting step towards decentralizing the guild!

For steps on how to connect your Ethereum wallet, visit the link below:

Yield Guild Games continues to be at the forefront of building the Metaverse, and we are thrilled to have you along with us for what will truly be looked back on as a historic moment in human history. We look forward to showing you the amazing things YGG is working on for November. Stay tuned!

Shout out to YGG partner Nifty Island for the spicy meme!