YGG Community Roundup Newsletter

March 2021 Recap

Welcome to the second edition of YGG Monthly. March was a month of building and and we also announced that we raised a seed investment of $1.325mil from some of the world’s most respected crypto investors. 

Axie Infinity

YGG spent 20-30 ETH on breeding in Axie Infinity over the last week of March.

“Why spend all that ETH on breeding?” you may ask. Well . . .

  • Axies go to our scholarship program so more players can play without upfront cost.

  • Breeding fees go to community treasury, and ultimately, $AXS holders (and YGG likes $AXS ;D )

We are also happy to announce that @bronzbeard25's Axie scholarship program is joining YGG! Bronzbeard will bring his 32 scholars and will be growing his program further as part of the YGG family.

We're always looking for more scholarship programs with committed managers to join YGG!

Lastly, we secured an additional 141 plots of Savannah land in Axie Infinity for 61 ETH ($110k), bringing our total real estate holdings to 235 plots in Axie Infinity.

League of Kingdoms 

The YGGLOK SnapshotLabs Page is live for our LeagueKingdomsYGG0 and YGG1 Alliance!

All YGGLOK token holders have access to a private channel in the YGG Discord server where they can discuss governance proposals. Our first YGGLOK proposal closed and passed with 100% consensus between YGGLOK holders on reinvesting earned DAI from YGGLOK land into Compound Finance, so it can earn interest while the yield sharing system is developed.

Welcome to decentralized governance!

YGG has also seen explosive growth over March, YGG0 is at full capacity with 100/100 active members. Now YGG1 is up and running accepting new recruits.

YGG0 captured its first shrine in LoK thanks to *DS* (a top LoK Alliance) help.

YGG0 Members participated in LoK’s first continent vs continent event, pitting ours against five other continents in LoK. Our continent crushed all with a lead of over 100 billion!

F1 Delta Time

YGG’s F1 Delta Time Esports team has been placing on the GrandPrix weekly leaderboards and earning some REVV for their efforts. Below is only Tier D, our members also placed in Tiers A, B and C. You can expect YGG to creep up to the top spot on these leaderboards over the coming months with the coaching of Svemirac7.


We are proud to support the seed round of Illuvium alongside the best crypto investors in the world to bring Aaron and Kieran Warwick's vision of AAA decentralized gaming to reality!

As a guild, we will be acquiring assets in Illuvium and lending them out to our guild members where they can play and earn from the game. We will also be active in governance and support the Illuvinati Council.

Eventually, we will turn our Illuvium assets into a YGG-ILV subDAO so that our active guild players can organize themselves and benefit from the upside of the guild's assets in the game like what’s being done with YGGLOK.

YGG Seed Round and Partnerships

YGG concluded its first initial seed round with $1.325 million raised from some of the biggest names in the NFT space, as reported by CoinDesk.

YGG raised the funds from Delphi Digital, Scalar Capital, BlockTower Capital, gumi Cryptos Capital, Ascensive Assets, Youbi Capital and more.

Below is some kind words from some of our investors in the seed round and why they invested and/or partnered with YGG. Click the article links to read their full articles.

Delphi Digital

"We foresee Yield Guild’s treasury effectively becoming a pseudo-investment fund for productive NFTs. Due to Yield Guild’s unique position at the heart of the ecosystem, we expect them to have unparalleled insight into attractive new projects at the earliest opportunity."

Animoca Brands

Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands, explains why he chose to join the seed round and invest in YGG in their article "Why we invested in Yield Guild Games."

YGG fills an obvious gap. They are helping to build the NFT gaming ecosystem and they are also developing some metaverses of ours, such as The Sandbox, F1® Delta Time, Axie Infinity , and possibly others in future too.

The thesis around it is very simple. I see YGG as a recruitment agency for the metaverse.”

Scalar Capital

Linda Xie, Co-founder of ScalarCapital said,

“So excited for Scalar to back Yield Guild Games. @gabusch & team are at the forefront of play-to-earn gaming which will bring in a wave of new people to crypto. The DAO enables gamers to be investors by buying virtual land & items.”

Raoul Pal blown away by YGG!

When Piers, our friend from Delphi Digital, explains Axie Infinity, earning in the metaverse, and the concept behind YGG - Raoul is blown away. Go check out the stream here to see what Raoul and Piers had to say about YGG.

Big things to come in April for YGG! Stay Tuned.