YGG Community Roundup Newsletter

February 2020 Recap

Welcome to the first edition of the YGG Monthly, a recap of all the amazing things that happened within and around the Yield Guild community.

February has so much to cover, from our 1st Discord AMA to YGG’s huge investments in some land plots. Let's get into all the news!

Axie Infinity

YGG Scholars farmed 1 million SLP in February and have now grinded over 2 million SLP total! YGG appreciates all the hard work that YGG Scholars put in, and we hope you’re enjoying your SLP rewards.

YGG has found our home in Lunacia! The guild purchased an 88 plot savannah estate in @AxieInfinity for 39.6 ETH ($76k USD) for the use of its guild members. More details coming soon!

League of Kingdoms (LoK)

Following YGG’s 286 land parcel purchase, we've seen explosive growth in LoK—tons of new members and multiple new partnerships with other alliances within the game.

YGGLOK, our token for YGG members that wanted a share of the 286 parcels, was distributed to the participants of our YGGLOK token sale.

We’ve also released the YGGLOK Governance Doc, shared amongst our members. This document details all you need to know about how YGGLOK will run and operate, from DAO proposals to how a YGG member actively playing LoK will be able to earn $DAI.

We’re preparing to roll out yield sharing with the rest of our active YGG members in LoK, so keep an eye out!

F1 Delta Time

YGG launched our F1 Delta Time Esports team! Led by ALL STAR @svemirac7, it’s @Nate_YGG @kookoo_crypto @johnjohncarlos @FallenCorpsez that round out the rest of the team!

Svemirac is a Top F1 Delta Time player, and with his leadership, YGG is sure to start dominating in yet another Blockchain Esport!


YGG announced the purchase of a 144 plot ESTATE that will house YGG’s headquarters in The Sandbox. This will give YGG members lots of room to create experiences within the Sandbox metaverse.

Get excited for what YGG has planned for this land!

Illuvium AMA

The AMA held in the YGG discord was a huge success. Aaron and Kieran leaked lots of alpha throughout the AMA with leaks like:

Aaron | Illuvium 02/18/2021

The world is quite big and will get bigger over time. The actual planet is huge, but most of it is completely unlivable because it has been crystallized and shattered. What remains is a collection of three islands that are still themselves quite big. We take some liberties with the size, as many games do. For example the planet is… well, planet sized, but the in-game experience won’t be to have a custom world that is hundreds of millions of square kilometers. That is all to say that the world is big, and the playable area will expand over time as people unlock obelisks which teleport you from region to region. There is some hard “geo-fencing” you could say, that keeps the regions separate.

Check #Illuvium in our discord for all the questions and answers submitted!

YGG members asked a lot of fantastic questions, with two of our members winning 50USDT each, graciously provided by Illuvium. Congratulations to the winners!

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Member Spotlight: Napoleon

Hey everyone, I’m Napoleon from Indonesia. My first encounter with crypto was in October 2017 where @Clerkclirk told me about Decentraland (DCL), a virtual metaverse, that will have their land sale.

I was intrigued with the whole idea and concept, hence, wanted to buy some land, but I had zero knowledge about NFT and didn’t know how to get started. There weren't many resources to learn about Metamask and NFTs back then, and not many people know about blockchain here in Indonesia.

So me and Clerk only bought $MANA and started trading crypto. That was a good time, as all crypto was going up. I started with $1500 only at start.

Then I found Ethermon in around March 2018 and learned about Metamask and everything else on that community Discord. I then started trading DCL land in June 2018. I learned about the market and how people value land to then be able to quickly notice if there is any undervalued land in the market.

I traded land for 1.5 years until December 2019, with only a total of $7.5k initial investment. My total sales of DCL land, in the 1.5 years I traded it, was 2355 ETH (based on NFTBank.ai). And currently I’m still the Rank #3 on top trader-based revenue on DCL, with a profit around 650 ETH.

Every 3-4 months, whenever I found an interesting blockchain gaming project, I diversified my profit from trading land to these new projects. So far, I have invested in over 10 projects with around 20-50 ETH invested in around 8-9 projects each, and my first big win was Axie Infinity. I invested a total of 20 ETH together with Clerk, and currently we have assets worth around 350 ETH in Axie, and have cashed out 30 ETH from Axie.

My biggest win right now is in NBA Top Shot. I started in August 2020, where I put a total of $50k over 5 months until December 2020, from buying 30-50 packs on every drop into getting bulk OTC deals with people. Since mid January 2021 until now, Top Shot has been exploding.

It only had 1900 users at the end of December 2020, with a record of $100k marketplace volume in 24 hours (was a new record on Jan 1, 2021, I remember it well as I Tweeted it out). Now, it has over 100k users, with the highest 24-hour volume at $47.7M, during the third week of February. The influx of new users resulted in tons of demand on the secondary market, driving my assets valuation to over $12M right now.

At the end of October, when Gabby was still in the final stage of fundraising for YGG, he invited me and Clerk to help grow the Axie community in Indonesia. As with the hundreds of millions people that Indonesia has, it is always a good market for everything. But as I’m invested in many NFTs and not focused on Axie alone, instead of becoming Axie community lead for Indonesia with Clerk, I will help as YGG’s eyes and ears for possible play-to-earn opportunities for YGG.

I would love to see YGG grow and become the pioneer in the blockchain gaming space, to enable players to start earning with a very low entry barrier.

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So Much More

YGG has many projects that our community is involved with, such as NBA Top Shot, BattleRacers, Aavegotchi, Chain Guardians and EmberSword! We don’t intend to dive into them here until YGG officially invests in them, though.

And YGG looks to invest in what our members are actively playing or looking forward too! So if you’re passionate about something, then please join us in our Discord, and maybe you might just help drive the Guild’s investing decisions. (That’s what happened with F1 Delta Time!)

What will March bring? Thanks for reading.