YGG Community Roundup - July 2021

A recap of our biggest achievements and most exciting announcements in July 2021.

July 2021 will go down as one of the most monumental months in YGG history! The YGG public sale sold out and the YGG Guild Badge was launched at our official website. Let’s dig in!

YGG Token IDO Wrap Up

Yield Guild Games successfully completed its public sale, in which the entire token allocation was sold in 31 seconds. In all, 25 million YGG tokens (2.5% of the total supply) were sold, raising a total of $12,496,000 in USDC.

As the MISO platform had no restrictions on the minimum or maximum purchase size, only 32 wallets were able to acquire YGG tokens. We realize this means that a lot of people missed out, and for this, we apologize. The founders of YGG released an official statement regarding the outcome of the sale, which you can read here.

The token sale marked the launch of the YGG DAO. One of the DAO’s first priorities is to distribute more YGG tokens to more people. As a first step, we will be distributing tokens to those who have already been actively engaged within our community, so they can be properly onboarded as DAO members.

Up to 45% of the total YGG token supply has been reserved for the community, with these tokens to be slowly dispersed over a period of four years. The first allotment will be an airdrop of tokens to members of the YGG Discord who have demonstrated a willingness to contribute to the community in its earliest days of formation.

Please join the YGG Discord for information and updates on the upcoming Community Airdrop.

Read: YGG IDO Official Statement , YGG IDO Wrap Up.

YGG Guild Badge

Launched on 29 July, the YGG Guild Badge is a non-transferable NFT that gives you access to the YGG website and its exclusive features. Guild members will be able to use the Guild Badge to sign up for scholarships, esport content and events, and exclusive guild events.

You can mint your Guild Badge live now at the Yield Guild Website.

Read: How To Create YGG Badge.

Axie infinity

At the end of July, YGG reported earnings of over 31M Smooth Love Potions (SLP), with more than 4,000 scholars now under its scholarship program.

- This is a lifetime gross revenue of approximately USD $8.9M;
- 70% of SLP goes to the scholar, 20% to the Community Manager, and 10% to YGG;
- All SLP revenue retained by YGG is currently reinvested into breeding more Axies to be able to onboard more new scholars to more scholarship teams.

Loot Squad Scholarship Partnership

We are happy to announce that Loot Squad is now a scholarship partner of YGG! We will provide Axie teams for Loot Squad to manage, which will ultimately help to grow both our communities. We're excited to work with our friends @brycent_, @BinaryAssets, and @flowbot44!

Packy McCormick NFT Auction

Packy McCormick @packyM raised over USD $15,000 in a day though selling a piece that he wrote about Axie as NFT editions on Mirror.

The funds raised from the 46 auction participants will be used to fund more YGG scholarships, so that more people can make a better living through play-to-earn.

League Of Kingdoms

In July, the second YGGLOK subDAO proposal was successfully passed, with our YGG Alliance in League of Kingdoms voting to use all its generated in-game yield (a total USD $1,223) to purchase YGG tokens.

Read: YGG LOK 2nd proposal.

New Hires

We are also happy to announce our first community hires!

FallenCorpsez has officially joined YGG as Assistant DAO Designer/Manager.

And Corpscity has been hired as our Lead Discord Moderator.

As we move forward, we will aim to provide more opportunities to community members who are providing significant value to the guild.

Space Misfits AMA

On July 7th, Sam Stebbins (CEO of @SpaceMisfits) joined us in Discord for an AMA on his game SpaceMisfits a new space adventure game. Sam was great at answering our communities questions. He even joined back in after the AMA to help and offer tips to YGG members that downloaded the game.

SandBox AMA

One of our most anticipated AMA's finally happened on July 23, 2021. We had an all-star panel from @TheSandboxGame with @m3mnoch, @borgetsebastien and @TheVisionExHeart taking time to share their vision for the future of the game.


We were happy to hodl an AMA for another blockchain game on our radar. On 12 July, @hodlgodgame’s ONESUSS PR Floyd King joined us to give the details on their game.

The past month has opened the eyes of many people to the power of play-to-earn, and Yield Guild is proud to be at the forefront of this revolution. We’re fueled by the passion of our dedicated gamers, and with the launch of our token and the YGG DAO, we have now officially commenced our journey to seek yield across the Metaverse.

We can’t wait for what next month will bring!