YGG Community Roundup - August 2021

A recap of our biggest achievements and most exciting announcements in August 2021.

YGG continued its growth trajectory through August! We hosted our first community tournament the “YGG Open” with roughly USD $35,000 in prizes. We also released a full asset and treasury report, and hosted many AMAs, as well as interviews with YGG founders, and more. Here’s a recap of what we achieved in August 2021.

YGG Asset and Treasury Report

Have you ever wondered what games YGG is invested in? Or maybe, you’d like to understand the economics behind YGG’s scholarship programs? Last month, YGG released a full report with a detailed breakdown of assets within the treasury wallets.

The report reveals Yield Guild’s record growth in the number of new scholars onboarded and resulting SLP earned, demonstrating how the YGG DAO is profitable while remaining focused on delivering meaningful social impact. This level of openness and transparency is what we will always strive to have with our community.

Full article here → YGG Treasury Report Medium Article


The YGG open was an Axie Infinity team event consisting of 64 teams (three players per team). Over $35,000 in prizes were up for grabs!

YGG also invited one main team from each major esports organization. We determined these teams were qualified to compete based on their performances in past tournaments. 

@AxieGg @Crit_Theory @Lev0x_eSports @YieldGuild @EmpeGamers @Cryptobucks @AzarianTV @realdealguild 

Big thanks to @AxieInfinity for putting up the prize pool and helping bring together competitive organizations across the world to play the world’s #1 NFT game.

If you’re interested to learn more about the play by play, check out this Twitter Thread → YGG Open

Axie infinity

To date, YGG scholars have now earned over 50M Smooth Love Potions (SLP)!

- Over 4,500 scholars

- Earning over 1 million SLP daily 

- All SLP revenue by YGG is currently reinvested into breeding more Axies to facilitate onboarding of more scholarship teams.

We have a great article to help you understand the decentralized digital economy that underpins all Yield Guild’s activities. Mainly highlighting how Axie scholarships are structured, how they work, and how they fit into YGG’s model.  

More on YGG’s scholarship program → Yield Guild Explains: Play-to-Earn and Scholarships

The Sandbox

YGG’s partnership with The Sandbox community is up and running! A bunch of YGG members will get beta access to the Sandbox’s first multiplayer test.

If you missed our AMA with The Sandbox AMA, it’s up on YouTube!

Watch on demand → YGG Sandbox AMA 

League of Kingdoms

YGGLOK has continued to grow! YGG0 is at full capacity with 100/100 members and is now the fourth strongest guild in LoK continent 1. YGG1 is also almost full and currently ranked sixth.

Want to learn how to play League of Kingdoms or Splinterlands? Come and join us every week while we hang out and get deeper into these games! See you on our official Discord channel!

Join Discord here → http://Discord.gg/YGG


On August 21, a total 42 community members fought for YGG’s first-ever Splinterlands bronze community tournament. Thanks to our very own Knight.av for hosting!


Last month, we averaged an AMA a week in YGG Discord, welcoming an awesome crew of special guests. If you missed any of our AMAs, you can always catch up on the recordings at our YouTube channel.

-Evolution land Aug 13

-YGG Founders Aug 20

-Job tribes AMA Aug 24

-Miso AMA Aug 25

-HaloDAO Aug 27

Articles about YGG

With record-breaking growth comes a lot of news about YGG. Last month, we shared that crypto exchange FTX had sponsored 137 new players through YGG’s Sponsor-A-Scholar program, and also, we announced another funding round for YGG led by the world’s biggest crypto fund, a16z.

There's too many articles about YGG to go through here, so please see YGG’s Media Roundup for an overview of all our most noteworthy media coverage in August.

Some additional article links below: 

-Blockchain and Gaming: The Evolution and Future of Video Games by IVC

-Yield Guild Games 101

-Axie Infinity’s all work, all play model to rewrite gig work in SE Asia

-ETHsign YGG Research doc

-Yield Guild Games — Leveraging the Value of Play to Earn Gaming by Amasa

Interviews With Founders

YGG’s Founders Gabby Dizon and Beryl Li continue to make the rounds with interviews from some of the biggest names in the industry. Want to hear what our founders have to say about YGG? Read or listen to the links below. 

The Zima Red Podcast: Exploring the Metaverse and Virtual Economies (article)

YGG co-founder Beryl Li sits down with Crowdcreate to talk about P2E (video)

The Erica Show EP37 Chat with Gabby (video)

The Defiant News, talks to Gabby (podcast)

HumanGuild interview with Gabby (podcast)


In August, we saw tons of new YGG token listings, as well as new partners and investors coming onboard. In particular, a16z’s investment marked a huge achievement, with yet another large VC firm taking interest in YGG and backing our community. 

-a16z invests in YGG

-YGG Token Listing directory

-Guide on yield farming for YGG and SUSHI rewards on SushiSwap

-Poloniex YGG listing

-Huobi Global YGG listing

-Crypto.com YGG listing

-YGG farming on Harmony

-YGG/Nifty Island Partnership

-LaunchpadLuna Partnership

Community and Charity

YGG’s very own AxU.Spraky (YGG scholarship manager) is doing an amazing job highlighting our scholars doing amazing things! For example, one of Spraky’s scholars, Macky, not only built a house with his SLP earnings, he also donated much-needed food to a local orphanage in Nueva Ecija. You may remember Macky as a trike driver and featured scholar in the @playtoearn_ documentary.

This success story goes to show how YGG scholars aren’t just making their own lives better through play-to-earn, they’re also sharing their success with their community. This is exactly what YGG is all about! 

-Jhingersss helps build parents house with SLP earnings

-Macky uses SLP earnings to help fund home construction

-Macky and YGG scholars donate food to orphanage

New YGG Advisors 

Yield Guild Games is proud to welcome an additional round of advisors to the YGG DAO. The article linked below is a brief introduction to YGG’s latest round of advisors: Li Jin, Anirudh Pai, Julien Bouteloup, Gabriel Leydon, and Christy Choi. These are five industry-leading experts that will help guide YGG.

YGG Advisory Board additions

Through NFT games, YGG is reducing barriers to economic opportunity, so that anyone from anywhere around the world can have equal access. One day hopefully permanently divorcing physical location from economic opportunity in order to provide more people with better ways to make a living.

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