Meet The Guild: @ginte22 🇵🇭

Yield Guild is all about community. Let’s meet the people who make it.

Discord Username: @ginte22

Age: 24 years old

Where are you from? Pasay, Philippines

Started playing Axie: December 2020

What other games do you play?

Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2, Cabal, ROSE Online.

How many hours per week do you play?

18 hours.

How did you get into crypto gaming?

I used to design banners for crypto projects and I’m part of the community of bounty hunters. We promote new crypto projects like DeFi, NFT, DEX in Telegram.

My business partner discovered Axie Infinity, he came across a post in forum about how playing Axie helped a lot of people from the Philippines provide for their everyday needs, especially this pandemic. 

The story of a family in Cabanatuan City playing Axie convinced us to try the game.

What has been the best aspect of being part of a community?

I appreciate Jiho, he works for Axie Infinity. He shares timely community updates, new developments, and addresses gameplay issues. As part of the community, we find it very helpful. Especially to those who are just starting up.

What would you tell people who think play-to-earn gaming is too good to be true? 

When I started playing Axie, most of the people I spoke with about the game had been very enthusiastic. They asked me to teach them how to play and help them find a scholarship manager to take them in.

I don’t usually show them my earnings from playing Axie, but if they ask, I let them have a quick look. They are very surprised to see I’m getting more than what they’re earning in their day jobs from playing a game using a mobile phone for only 2-4 hours daily.  

I’d also add, however, that playing Axie Infinity is not your simple click-and-win game.  You have to devote time and energy to learn it. You have to use some math and problem solving skills to win battles, earn more SLP, and to help you level up.  

How does playing Axie Infinity help you financially?

It helped me buy a new desktop and mobile phone so I can efficiently work on my other side hustles. The money I earn from playing the game buys milk and diapers for my kid and it pays the bills. I didn’t buy a motorcycle, I don’t find its value attractive and I wouldn’t need it anyway.   

Before I became a scholar I watched a lot of YouTube videos about Axie Infinity.  I read the getting started guide in I equipped myself with all the information available and I think it paid off.  I have been playing Axie Infinity and my total earnings for about five months are P100,000.00. 


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