Meet The Guild

Yield Guild is all about community. Let’s meet the people who make it.

Discord Username: @Izaya

Where are you from? Cebu, Philippines.

What other games do you play?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota, Dragon Nest, installments of Red Alert, Call of Duty and some RPG games like DragonFable.

How many hours per week do you play?

On average, 15-18 hours per week.

How did you get into crypto gaming?

I've been part of the cryptocurrency community since 2016. I’m an active member of various cryptocurrency group chats on Facebook and Telegram.

One day, somebody mentioned Axie Infinity, a blockchain game where you can earn money by playing.  At first I dismissed the idea because I’m busy in crypto trading. 

Then suddenly it became a hot topic. Out of curiosity, I looked for a scholarship program in discord, because everyone was talking about it. I knew that if I wanted to get into the game fast, the easiest route during that time was becoming a scholar.

I found Dean, who is my manager now, and he invited me to his program. This is where my journey in crypto games started.

What has been the best aspect of being part of a community?

I’m an active member of  the Axie Infinity Facebook community in Cebu. 

I help grow our community by sharing tips, especially to those who are just starting out. I give a few pointers on what type of Axies to buy and I assist in pointing them to trusted sellers. 

My goal is to serve as a bridge to my fellow Cebuanos scholarship managers and the new breed of Axie pilots that’s looking for scholars.  I want to impact the community by actively giving encouragement on how they can leverage their gameplay to earn more rewards and improve their earning potential for themselves and their families.    

What would you tell people who think play-to-earn gaming is too good to be true?

It’s natural that most people think playing play-to-earn games is too good to be true. 

It’s a new idea and the majority of our population never in their lifetimes have experienced getting paid while playing an online game.

So who would believe it, right?  The best way to prove it to them is to show them the money you earned from playing or the things you bought with it. 

Never tell anyone your plans, show them your results instead. In play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity, it’s best to not tell them that you’re raising your standard of living but rather show them proof of what playing the game can buy. 

How does playing Axie Infinity help you financially?

I have enough money and I have a Department of Science and Technology (DOST) scholarship to support my college education. My family is doing well financially. 

When I discovered Axie Infinity and its opportunity to play-to-earn, I thought I would help some people I know by getting them into the game to help supplement their current financial status.

I introduced Axie to some of my former high school classmates. I know some of them have trouble financially and can’t barely make ends meet, so I introduced them to Axie Infinity and invited them to be part of my scholarship program.

I’m happy and proud to be part of their journey. Now, Axie Infinity is helping them elevate their status of living. My classmates will no longer worry about electricity and internet bills to make sure they can attend their online classes.


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