April 2021 Recap

YGG Monthly

Welcome to the third edition of YGG Monthly. April was another busy month, with big updates like Axie Infinity’s Ronin migration and the many AMA’s hosted by YGG.

Axie Infinity

Collectively, YGG scholars have now earned six million SLP, with over two million SLP collected in the month of April alone.

We are happy to announce that @vesakaxie's (a.k.a. AK) Axie scholarship program is now part of YGG, with over 200 Axie scholars migrating over to YGG. AK is an Axie Infinity OG and YGG is super excited to have someone of their calibre join us.

It’s happening, Axies are migrating to Ronin side chain! 

This means significantly lower fees to create scholarship teams, so expect YGG to start adding more scholars at an increased pace! 

Congratulations to Danzel (#4), vesakaxie (#5) Nate_YGG (#6) and itsmezeezee (#9) for Top 10 finishes in Season 16 of Axie Infinity.

We are proud to announce our new "Sponsor a Scholar" program where benefactors donate to YGG the SLP needed to create new Axie Infinity teams for our player base.

@Its_Falcon_Time is the first to generously donate enough SLP to sponsor 50 new scholars into YGG! Flying Falcon is a NFT whale and Axie genesis land holder.  

“In building the digital nations of tomorrow, we must ensure that these virtual worlds are more inclusive than the ones we inhabit today. I am proud to be supporting these players to join us here in the new decentralized economy.”

We couldn’t agree more, Falcon!

If you're interested in donating SLP to support YGG in onboarding more new players to the metaverse, get in touch with @gabusch on Twitter or in YGG Discord.

League of Kingdoms 

Our first YGGLOK governance proposal was a success, with 467 DAI from the guild's @LeagueKingdoms wallet sent to @compoundfinance so it can begin earning yield as cDAI. We're looking forward to seeing decentralized governance delivered for all YGG’s subDAOs over time.

YGG0 has now captured five shrines total, thanks to the help and generosity of our NAP (non aggression pact) allies. Shrines are vital to increasing LoK’s land revenue.

Star Atlas Partnership

We're proud to announce our partnership with @staratlas and bring an immersive space exploration game to our player community!

Star Atlas, a space exploration strategy game and blockchain-driven virtual metaverse. Star Atlas and YGG are closely aligned in terms of vision and mission. Together, YGG aims to aggregate gamers and enable novel in-game economies through the use and application of NFTs.

In YGG’s “play-to-earn” model, players earn yield by operating, selling or leasing collectibles in-game. As NFTs, these items are uniquely distinguished and monetized based on the value ascribed to them. Players, no matter their location, can therefore generate income by operating and selling these leased in-game objects.

AMA April

YGG hosted many amazing AMA’s this month to showcase some very exciting upcoming games in the metaverse.

Our first AMA of April had over 50 guild members tuning in to @RFOX_GAMES AMA with @ultrararespawn. Hosted by YGG’s very own @kookoo_crypto, Fadzly (RFox general manager) shared some juicy info.

There was even a giveaway for people who joined, see below!

A few days later YGG held another AMA with Nicolas Zhu of @MIXMARVELGAME to talk about their new game, LeCube.

LeCube is a blockchain version of Lego and an art version of GitHub. In LeCube, users can use Cubes to compose and create entirely blockchain-based NFT assets with traceable copyright. LeCube is committed to changing the low state of collectibles' lifetime.

YGG held another AMA with Ben Harvey of @LOCgameio and another stellar host and YGG OG, @Sarut0biSasuke. Legends of Crypto (LOC) is a groundbreaking type of Top Trumps card game on blockchain where players can win tokens, NFTs and glory!

April 28th YGG hosted the Influence AMA with Eetherway and Darkosnightmare of @influenceth. Influence is a space strategy MMO with true player ownership built on Ethereum. 

Last, but not the least, we held the Battle Racers AMA on April 30th. They gave away Part NFTs and $SCRAP as they announced some updates for the Duel Cup Open! 

Battle Racers is an action-packed blockchain racing game where you design, build, and race NFT cars on arcade-sized tracks and has always rewarded YGG members who play and support their game!

Our next roundup will cover YGG in May!